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Our Thinking

At we aim to provide parents and children with adequate support, so they may enjoy time together, having fun while learning many new skills.

Working together will establish creative learning patterns from solid foundations for both parents and children.

Acknowledging that play is universal and each family unit unique, we will provide valuable learning opportunities for groups to enjoy together.

We are interested in helping children explore their world and will facilitate parents in their encouragement of their child's development.

We provide a safe environment, promoting individual learning and a variety of fun group activities.

At Little Learners 1.2.3 we respond in a positive way, offering structured sessions that focus on play.

We encourage Parents & Carers to spend quality time with their children, to gain understanding of the changing needs of each individual child.

We offer information related to childcare and child development, also ideas on language development.

Providing a happy and relaxed environment is important at Little Learners 1.2.3. Facilitators will create the atmosphere that promotes learning.

gives parents and children equal opportunities to learn and succeed.

Each year we have picnics in the park during the summer months.
We also have an annual anniversary party, with an entertainer, each January.

We are also developing our garden at Aylesbury to support more outside activities in the summer.