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How we run our sessions

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Little Learners 1.2.3 provides an inviting and supportive environment where Adults are able to spend quality time with Children uninterrupted by boring household chores. In our relaxed and happy setting we witness a great deal of learning and value the time to offer encouragement to so many.

We have many different carers bringing the children to Little Learners 1.2.3. Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Au Pairs, Nannies, Mothers and Fathers, we welcome all carers and are told that they enjoy the sessions as much as the Children.

Little Learners 1.2.3

Each session begins and ends with singing and families sit together each week to enjoy several songs. One of our aims is to promote language development and Children enjoy singing and quickly recognise the songs as well as frequently asking for their favourite songs. Singing at the start of the session provides a structure to the time and ensures that all Children and Parents are greeted and included in the session. Then, singing our Little Learners 1.2.3Goodbye Song prepares all children for leaving the session happily.

We also encourage Parents to look at and read books with their Children. Most Children spend some time at each session sharing a book with an adult. Facilitators also spend time with Children, encouraging their understanding of activities and helping develop important skills such as language development, large and fine motor co-ordination, and social skills.

As Children grow and develop and are able to participate more we enjoy group activities such as ring-a-roses and marching with musical instruments. Children soon request to help and are quick to locate items and seek out those activities that they most enjoy.

Carers who come to our sessions are surprised at how quickly small children learn new ideas, and watch with interest as the Children explore the opportunities. Little Learners 1.2.3will help all Children in developing their skills and facilitators spend time with children to encourage their development as well as sharing and positive interaction in the group.

Many Families attend Little Learners 1.2.3with their Children from soon after birth. Families move through our groups together until the children are ready to attend pre-school or nursery classes and many friendships have been formed both between the children and between their carers in this time.

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